5 Prettiest Platinum Pixie Cuts for Cooler Blonde Crop

#1: Platinum Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

A pixie bob is a lower-maintenance version of a full platinum pixie. By adding a darker root, you can easily prolong the timing in-between color maintenance, especially if you naturally have darker roots. A shadow root can also help blend in salt and pepper greys because there is a blended combination of light and dark.

#2: Platinum White Pixie on Thin Hair

Opt for a platinum white pixie on thin hair. If you’re looking for a feminine modern cut, try a cropped white blonde pixie cut. Works best for those with a level 7 or higher for easier maintenance. Always ask your stylist if you think your hair is a good candidate to go super blonde. A pixie with a high-level blonde will bring you into the salon every 4-6 weeks on average.

#3: Layered Pixie with Full Platinum Highlights

Rock a layered pixie with full platinum highlights. Pixie haircuts are very versatile for the modern woman. A fabulous cut on most head shapes as long as your stylist keeps in mind the balance of bone structure. If you would like pixie platinum hair with dimension, ask your stylist to add in a root smudge for depth.

#4: Platinum Blonde on Bixie Hair

Rock a platinum blonde bixie haircut. A bixie is a twist on your platinum long pixie cut when you want a little more bangs or length through the crown with a pixie flair. Also, it’s a great transition cut from a pixie to longer hair. Try a curtain bang or side-swept bangs to bring it all together.

#5: Textured Platinum Pixie for Thick Hair

Go for a textured platinum pixie for thick hair. The trendy icy blonde pixie cut will do wonders for thick hair that feels like it’s too much to handle. Icy blondes cool down all the warm tones to the hair as long as it’s lifted to a high enough level. You can play with the length on the sides, short around the ears and neck, or some soft pieces left behind.


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