6 Best Ways to Get Long Layers with Medium-Length Hair

#1: Medium Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Fine hair does great with a medium layered haircut with side bangs. Long layering in the back maintains length. Shorter feathered layering around the face provides soft framing and effortless volume. This hairstyle is great on all face shapes but compliments round faces the best.

#2: Long Layers and Texture for Thick Hair

Thick hair can be tricky to manage, so try adding long layers and texture for less bulk and more manageability for a medium hairstyle. Long layers for thick medium-length hair are brilliant for achieving big volume and texture, but the downfall is if overworked, they can just keep expanding. Long layers are a key for creating the shape you want, while texturizing helps to remove excess bulk. With a layered texture, thick hair becomes much more workable and easy to style.

#3: Middle-Part with Money-Piece Highlights

A middle part is an iconic staple in current hair trends, and adding money piece highlights creates an extra wow factor, drawing the eyes into the face and framing your features flawlessly. The middle part is a long-time favorite in many eras of medium hairstyles.

The combination of a timeless middle part, messy layers, and money piece highlights will be sure to give you a classic and chic look when polished, and the perfect relaxed hairstyle when worn more loose and textured.

#4: Blonde Layers with Dark Roots

Blonde layers with dark roots are a classic hair trend. When trying to keep fullness on fine or thin hair, long layers are a great way to add texture without removing bulk. Be aware of the needs of your color choice. For example, you may need more frequent treatments and toning.

#5: Layers for Women Over 60 with Shoulder-Length Hair

Many women over 60 struggle to find shoulder-length hairstyles that suit them. Long layers for mature women are a fabulous way to bring new life to your changing hair. Women in their 60s typically face different challenges with their hair than in previous years, and it can be hard to find a cut or style that works.

Long layers on shoulder-length hair are a fabulous way to transition into a fresh and bright new look. The uneven layers make it versatile to style and the shoulder length keeps the mane easy to manage. Embrace the new texture of your hair with extra volume and textured waves.

#6: Long Layers on Straight Hair

Long layers are fabulous on medium straight hair when trying to create lift, bounce, and body. Hair that is naturally very straight tends to fall limp and drag the face down with it, but by adding some long layers, weight is removed and allows the lighter hair to bounce up more.

Blended layering on collarbone-length hair can be crucial to giving fine or straight hair that oomph we all want in our style. Hair that is straight with layers can sometimes be more styling time as you will now have to make sure any flyaway ends are tamed.


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