6 Trendy Short Haircuts for Older Women with Fine Hair to Boost Volume

#1: Chic Short Shag for Older Women with Glasses

A short shag for older women with glasses is youthful and is an easy cut to style around your spectacles. If wearing glasses is an everyday must for you, then consider choosing a hairdo that will blend in well with it.

Make it certain that the bangs or any layers located in front of the face won’t be annoying for you and your glasses. Short shags offer face-framing layers. They flatter the face quite well and accommodate the spectacles at the same time. Opting for a blonde hair color is ideal when wanting to hide unwanted grey hair.

#2: Blonde Feathered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

A blonde feathered bob with side-swept bangs is a soft and complimentary shape. If you can, blow dry your bang down and then back, alleviating too much lift in the front. You are aiming for a bang that drapes over the forehead. This will help you with camouflaging wrinkles and softening your features. Remember to use your round brush sparingly, using it to tame unruly pieces only.

#3: Feminine Gray Pixie Cut

Choose a feminine gray pixie cut and simplify your life. All hairstyles for fine hair should be fashioned closer to the head to avoid seeing your scalp. A soft pixie checks that box with it’s straighter and flatter finish. Aging hair can be a challenge but a short cut with a bit of length on top will help make the most of your strands. A pixie is an easy and no-fuss style that will be simple for you to manage.

#4: Very Dark Swing Bob

If you’re looking for a cut that can give your thinner hair more fullness, I suggest a stacked bob. The short layers allow the weight of your hair to be lighter, which allows volume on the crown area.

#5: Cute Bob for Older Women with Fine, Curly Hair

A bob for older women with fine, curly hair is such a cute choice. Embrace your curls with an easy-care hairstyle. Hair products should be used to either accentuate or de-frizz your waves. A strong gel will accentuate your curls, while an oil or smoothing cream would help tame those ringlets.

#6: Modern Layered Pixie Cut for Fine, Thin Hair

Consider a layered pixie cut for fine, thin hair as your next style. Short hair is so easy to dry and style, and it makes fine hair appear thicker. A special addition to a layered pixie cut is to leave the front long and sweeping as it softens any facial shape.


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