7 Best Low Fade Comb Over Haircuts in 2022

#1: Short Pompadour with a Hard Part and Low Fade

A tidy classic that can be adapted is a pomp as can be seen with this short pompadour with a hard part and low fade. The fade has been put in low and a lot of weight has been left to control the top. The part has been sectioned from the corner of the hairline and taken back to the crown. This is ideal for men with double crowns as the weight and length allow for more control. A good pomade will give you control and shine.

#2: Full Slick Back Combover

Try a full slick back combover if you’re looking for a stylish, clean-cut haircut. Incorporating a low bald fade on the sides modernizes the cut and looks striking on dark hair. If your hair is on the fine side, opt for a low to medium shine paste for added texture, otherwise, try a high shine pomade to pull off the classic slick back.

#3: Short Comb Over with Skin Fade Military Cut

Men who desire a military cut should try a short comb over with a skin fade. This low fade comb-over looks best on oval face shapes but can be easily modified to suit any face. Short comb over fades can be universally flattering with a few small adjustments. Be sure to ask your barber to keep this in mind during your haircut.

#4: Low Fade Messy Comb Over

A low fade messy comb-over is a classic cut that works for most lifestyles, hair types and offers easy upkeep. You can create a low fade by using shears. If you want it closer to the skin, you can also use the clippers. The top can be styled with volume by blowing dry with a brush or can be styled smooth and slick with glossy gel or pomade.

#5: Low Fade Comb Over for Asian Men

A low fade comb over for Asian men creates an alluring touch to the strong hair most Asian men have. The fade is low and faded, leaving a heavy, wedge, weight line. This cut creates enough weight for the hair on top to stay in place. A quick blow-dry will help keep the shape, and a strong pomade will hold it in place all day long.

#6: Slick Comb Over + Low Bald Fade

A slick comb over + low bald fade is a great way to showcase dark, thick hair. The hair is skinned out around the edges, fading into a low heavyweight line, leaving hair to create the shape. The top is left longer, leaving a good amount of length to get the slick comb-over. A glossy pomade or a good styling paste will finish off the style and keep it all in place.

#7: Low Fade Long Textured Comb Over

A low fade textured comb over is well suited for men with medium hair density. The fade is taken to the skin around the ears, leaving enough length to transition it into a comb-over. More length is left on top to create the volume and texture needed to carry off this style. A volume spray will give you a lift, and a styling powder will create added texture and long hold.


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