9 Modern Medium Shaggy Hairstyles Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

#1: Fluffy Full Bangs on a Medium-Length Shag

Rock a medium-length shag with fluffy full bangs. Edgy textures spin on a style from the 70s with height through the bangs and crown that will compliment round and pear face shapes. Shaggy cuts grow out nicely leaving you 3-6 months before needing a reshape other than a quick bang trim in between. Great for the low-maintenance girl.

#2: Soft Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bangs

Soft shaggy layers and curtain bangs are elegantly flattering. Curtain bangs are lower maintenance compared to traditional bangs, but still add a feminine touch to a textured razor cut. If you’re embracing your natural grey hair, a shag haircut will showcase the gorgeous dimension of your grey, especially when styled with waves.

#3: Shoulder-Length Shag with Bangs for Silver Hair

Go for a shoulder-length shag with bangs for silver hair if you want a fresh take on a short haircut. Why let millennials take credit for the shag when it originated in the prime of your generation? This shag for seniors is edgy, flirty, and fun. Scrunch a dollop of curl cream in wet hair and shape the curls with your fingers – no heat needed.

#4: Textured Shag with a Long Curtain Fringe

If you have a round face, try a textured shag with a long curtain fringe. Long layers and a longer curtain fringe lengthens a round face and compliments the eyes. A smooth round brush blowout will create the classic ’70s style, or utilize your natural wave texture for a more modern take on the shag.

#5: Long Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Straight Hair

Consider a long shaggy bob with bangs for straight hair and women over sixty. A long bob hits just past the shoulders and can be worn straight for a sleek look or curled for a flirty night out. As for maintenance, your stylist will most likely recommend cuts every 8 weeks – otherwise, the hair will start to flip outwards as it gets past your shoulders.

#6: Medium-Length Mullet Shag with Textured Layers

If you’re looking for a haircut that will make a rebellious statement, try a medium-length mullet shag with textured layers. The full bangs and short layers on top cascading down past the shoulders offer a modern take on the mullet. This haircut looks best when hair has dimension. If your hair is one color, consider adding highlights to truly compliment this haircut and style.

#7: Feathered Shag with Short Bangs for Women Aged 60

A feathered shag with short bangs is a great option for women aged 60 and over who are looking for a rebellious style. Short bangs above the eyebrows command attention and exude confidence. Try this haircut with highlights or even a touch of vivid colors for an ultra-cool vibe. Tell your stylist you’re looking for a medium-length shaggy hairstyle for someone over 60 that likes to stand out from the crowd, and ask if they’ll use a razor for an extra feathered finish.

#8: Medium Curly Hairstyle with Shagged Layers for 60-Year-Old Ladies

A medium curly hairstyle with shagged layers is perfect for 60-year-old ladies. Bring back your youthful vibes from the ’70s and enjoy how easy this haircut is to both style and maintain. The short layers in this medium-length hairstyle will release weight from your hair and bring new life to your hair texture.

#9: Chocolate Shag with Rounded Bangs for Ladies Over 60

Blondes don’t always have more fun. Try a chocolate shag with rounded bangs for ladies over 60. Medium-length shaggy hairstyles work well for a grandma with thick hair over 60. The heavy layers remove weight and add movement all around. Add bangs and everyone will wonder how you suddenly appear 10 years younger simply by changing up your hair!


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