ASRock expansion card could turn AMD B650 motherboard into X670

ASRock developed an AMD X670 expansion card, but you can’t buy it (yet)

A very cool feature dedicated to some ASRock motherboards has been showcased by Level1Techs.

They received a special edition of the B650 LiveMixer motherboard with extra expansion card. This is where one should note that this version of the motherboard is not on sale and neither is the expansion card.

ASRock X670 XPANSION KIT, Source: Level1Techs

Their special B650 LiveMixer motherboard came with a product called “X670 XPANSION KIT”, which basically adds a secondary chipset to the motherboard. As we know, AMD X670 motherboards use two Promontory21 chipsets, while B650 series only have one. Therefore, by adding a secondary chipset on the expansion card directly, the board would have similar specs as the full-fledged X670 board.

ASRock B650 LiveMixer with X670 XPANSION KIT, Source: Level1Techs

The board offers two PCIe x4 NVME M.2 slots, three USB Type-A, one USB Type-C 10Gbit, two SATA connectors and what probably the best feature, a 10 Gbit Ethernet (the motherboard offers 2.5 Gbit without the card).

ASRock X670 XPANSION KIT, Source: Level1Techs

Importantly, this expansion card works only with certain ASRock motherboards, and it does not only rely on PCIe connector, but requires a special control line connection. So, not only it cannot be purchased yet, it also needs special type of motherboard. Such motherboard was provided to Level1Techs, and it seems to be running a custom BIOS.

ASRock’s idea would easily find their fans quickly, but the company is just testing the waters for now, says the reviewer. Should something like this reach the market eventually, this neat idea would give customers a chance to upgrade their motherboards later on.


[Level1Techs] Turn a B650 into an X670 with this one weird trick! (4,515 views)

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