Choose your house and get your wand right now

The full release for Hogwarts Legacy is a few weeks away, and fans are itching to get their hands on it. This is the first of its kind for Harry Potter fans who have been waiting decades to experience a game with such an open-world and put themselves into the shoes of a Hogwarts student. Well, you won’t have to wait longer as you can choose your house right now before launch as well as unlock exclusive items.

All you’ll need to do is head on over here to the Wizarding World website and set up a new account if you don’t have one already. Once you’re done, just link your account with your gaming platform of choice and you’re done. You’ll take part in both the wand and sorting hat ceremony which will allow you to choose your house before the game launches. Once you load up the game, a notification will allow you to link the accounts and receive your in game items. These will consist of a beaked skull mask and special robe accessible only by linking these accounts. Your created wand, of course, will also be available and waiting for you once you reach the required part of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is poised to be one of the most successful games of the year. It is already the top selling game on Amazon right now on both PlayStation and Xbox as of last week, and it’s not even due out to release until February 10. It will be the first time that players will be able to fly on brooms and various creatures, cast spells and even attend actual classes at Hogwarts as part of a video game. Unfortunately, as much as it was requested, Quidditch will not be playable in the game.

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