Deadline, Indiewire, Gold Derby Experts Predict The Nominees – Deadline

On the eve of the eve of the nominations announcement for the 95th Annual Academy Awards I joined Tom O’Neil of Gold Derby and Anne Thompson of Indiewire, for this joint conversation or “slugfest” as O’Neil likes to call it, to give the lay of the land as the Oscar race is about to get very intense as it leads up to the March 12th date of the Oscars themselves. We are joined by our special guest Wilson Morales, editor of, a longtime entertainment writer and watcher of the season who has in recent months turned into the leading pundit on Gold Derby’s predictions site in terms of making what have turned out to be some pretty correct guesses on all the precursor shows leading up to Tuesday’s unveiling of the most important list of all.

What will be the biggest surprise? Who will be snubbed? What movie will lead the list? Will Oscar voters agree with critics on Everything Everywhere All At Once? Can the year’s top boxoffice films, Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way Of Water break through and put some people power into the Oscars for a change? Will early frontrunner The Fabelmans swing back to the top? And who is going to go all the way in the acting races? Just click the link above for this very revealing preview of the 95th Academy Awards Nominations.

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