John Harbaugh: Ravens have established our offensive identity and will carry it forward

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The Ravens are in the market for a new offensive coordinator after the departure of Greg Roman, but head coach John Harbaugh says he doesn’t expect major changes.

After insisting that Lamar Jackson will be back as the starting quarterback and will have input into the next offensive coordinator, Harbaugh said the last thing the Ravens want to do is reinvent the wheel.

“We’ve established an identity for our offense; I think everybody knows that who plays against us and watches us play,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “That’s important; that’s a good identity. That’s an identity that we’re going to carry forward.”

Jackson is a unique quarterback, and if the Ravens want to make the most of his talents they need a unique system. They’ve had that under Roman, and Harbaugh is vowing that won’t change.

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