Ran Carthon: My job is to execute Mike Vrabel’s vision

USA Today Sports

Ran Carthon was officially introduced as the new Titans General Manager at a Friday press conference in Nashville and the main focus of his comments was on the relationship he hopes to build with head coach Mike Vrabel.

Vrabel said that “my No.1 priority is spending more time with Mike Vrabel and learning the systems that are here in place” because he views his job as executing “Mike and his coaching staff’s vision” of building a team rather than trying to simply bring in talent without considering how all the pieces fit together.

“I can be the greatest talent evaluator of all time, but if I can’t bring Mike the players that he needs to fit his system, then it is not going to work. . . . We are not here to collect talent. We are here to build a team,” Carthon said, via the team’s website.

Carthon worked for the 49ers before taking the job with the Titans and they’ve done an excellent job in stocking the roster with players who fit what Kyle Shanahan wants to do on Sundays. Accomplishing the same in Tennessee would be a good way to start pushing the Titans back toward the postseason.

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