Walmart Shopper Shows Impact Of Inflation

One Walmart shopper purchased the same set of groceries three times over the span of nearly two years in order to test the impact of inflation, sharing the results in a now-viral TikTok.

In a video with over 1.3 million views, TikToker Amy (@amywaytosave) said that she went to Walmart at the end of 2020 and purchased a cart load of groceries for $10.09. Viewers can see her receipt and cart, which includes foods like frozen veggies, eggs, flour, rice and beans, bananas, and more. 

“I made a week’s worth of meals for one person,” Amy said. 

She said at the beginning of 2022 “there was a lot of talk about inflation at the grocery store,” so she decided to go “back and purchase all of the same things.”

She said her total bill was about 10% more.

Now, at the start of 2023, Amy said she went back and purchased all the same items. The catch? Her groceries now cost $15.10—about 50% more than the prices at the end of 2020.

@amywaytosave Full vide0 & price comparison on my Y T! #inflation #groceryshopping #groceryprices #grocerypricetoohigh #inflationisreal #pricecomparison #10dollarmealchallenge ♬ original sound – darcy stokes

Though talks of rising inflation rates have dominated the news for the last several years, many viewers were still taken aback by the results of Amy’s experiment.

“It’s not inflation anymore, it’s price gouging,” the top comment read, with over 30,000 likes. 

“Thank you!” another wrote. “I’m so sick of people saying inflation isn’t the issue, just budget better. Like, it is a huge difference.”

“Corporate greed,” a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amy via TikTok comment and Walmart via contact form.


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*First Published: Jan 16, 2023, 10:42 am CST

Alexandra Samuels

Alexandra Samuels is a national political reporter and contributor to the Daily Dot, where she started as an intern covering politics in the summer of 2016. She enjoys all things Marvel, keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, long walks with her pup, and reading murder-mystery novels.

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