Who is Shah Rukh Khan? Asks Assam CM Sarma After Theatre Vandalised Ahead of ‘Pathaan’ Release

Media persons had raised questions on the violent protest by Bajrang Dal activists, who stormed a theatre at Narengi in the city on Friday where the film is slated to be screened.
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”Who is Shahrukh Khan? I don’t know anything about him or HIS film Pathaan”, was Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s curt answer to queries by reporters here on Saturday.

Amidst violent protests against Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan being staged by Bajrang Dal in Assam, Chief Minister of the state Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said he doesn’t know ‘Pathan-Sathan’. He questioned, “Who is Shah Rukh Khan?” and said he doesn’t know anything about the film.

Talking to the media, CM Sarma said, “I don’t know anything about him or his film Pathaan. I don’t know who is Shah Rukh. If there is any protest that has created a law and order situation in the state, we will see for it. But I am not going to watch Pathan. I will watch the Assamese film Dr. Bezbarua -Part 2 which will be also released and the people of Assam should see it.”

“Shah Rukh khan has not called me for has asked me to watch Pathan. Why will I watch it? I will watch an Assamese movie.” he added

There was a protest at a city theatre in Narengi on Friday. People burnt posters of the film and vandalized the theatre in front of which the poster of Pathan was hanged.

They said,” A film that is against Indian culture and a song Besharam Rang has Deepika Padukone wearing saffron colored Bikini cannot be encouraged. It is a conspiracy to bring a bad name to our religion. We will not allow this film to be screened anywhere in Assam and India.”

Bajrang Dal earlier said it will not allow the movie to release in Gujarat as the movie “insults” the Hindu religion. The multiplex owners in Gujarat have sought protection from theatres in the state.

It must be mentioned that several political leaders have spoken against the Besharam Rang song.

However, PM Modi himself advised BJP leaders to refrain from making unnecessary comments on films.

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