Woman sues bar after getting so drunk she blew up $10M home

She was so bombed she blew up a house.

A Canadian woman who caused $10 million in damages after driving drunk, crashing into a house and causing an explosion is now suing the concert venue that provided her alcoholic beverages — as she claims the owners are to blame.

The “car bomb” fiasco occurred in August 2019 while Daniella Leis, 26, was driving home from a Marilyn Manson concert at the Budweiser Gardens arena in London, Ontario, the CBC reported.

After drinking at the show and getting behind the wheel, Leis crashed her Ford Fusion — registered to her father — into a brick home at 450 Woodman Ave., rupturing a gas line and triggering a massive explosion that destroyed four houses and injured seven people.

Falling embers led to blazes in several homes nearby — and the entire neighborhood had to be evacuated, with gas and water service shut off in the area. All told, the blast reportedly caused damages in the neighborhood of $9.8 million to $14.7 million.

A Canadian woman who caused a $10 million house explosion while driving drunk is now suing the liquor distributor that provided her drinks.
City of London, Ontario; CTV News

“The financial impact of Ms. Leis’ actions have been enormous, with a total damage estimate approaching $15 million,” Judge George Orsini told the court.

Meanwhile, victims included two police officers and two firefighters who suffered numerous injuries, with one firefighter forced to spend more than a week in a hospital before being discharged.

Daniella Leis, 26, was convicted of impaired driving in 2019.
Daniella Leis, 26, was convicted of impaired driving in 2019.
CBS News
Leis had been driving home from a Marilyn Manson concert.
Leis had been driving home from a Marilyn Manson concert.
CTV News

Leis subsequently pled guilty to four counts of impaired driving, and was was slapped with a three-year prison sentence in 2021.

However, the Canuck wasn’t about to throw away her shot at easing the financial strain.

This month, she and father Shawn Leis filed a lawsuit against Ovations Ontario Food Services, the company that distributed the hooch. They claim that the libations purveyor shares liability for the blast on the grounds that staffers “ejected Leis from the venue while failing to take steps to ensure she would not drive home,” according to the legal documents.

In addition, Leis also alleged that Ovations had served her alcohol while aware that the bargoer was intoxicated, accusing them of putting “profit above safety,” and that the resulting damage was “caused or contributed to by the negligence, breach of duty, breach of contract” by the bar.

The damage totaled around $10.
The damage totaled around $10 million.
City of London, Ontario

As reparations, they believe that the booze distributor is responsible for “any awards or judgment amounts” resulting from multiple court claims levied against them by Woodman Avenue victims.

That is, if the father-daughter duo is required to pay any amount, then they are “entitled to contribution and indemnity from [Ovations].”

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